Sausalito Weekend

photo (2)mhydockCindy and I were to be guests at Schoonmaker Point Marina in beautiful Sausalito for the weekend so we left early Friday afternoon.  Schoonmaker is a great little Marina and even has a nice sandy beach. If you are so inclined to swim in the bone chilling San Francisco waters. Not Me!  The tide was against us but we still managed to make 3.5 knots through the Racoon Straight which lies between Angel Island and Tiburon. We arrived about 3pm and decided to put on our walking shoes and see the sights since it was a great sunny day about 70 (2)xcn

Happy hour was slipping away so time to get back to Sereno, change and start our evening. Drinks at Scoma’s, Oysters at Salito’s then just enough time to head over to Poggio Trattoria’s for a fantastic Italian dinner.

Morning came too fast but we gathered ourselves together and walked over to ‘Fred’s Place’ for coffee and egg breakfast. This gave the sun time to burn off the fog so we could get Sereno headed home that afternoon.cin123iugyg sausfunk


Maserati Yacht

Proud to have the fastest Yacht in the World just around the corner from us here in San Francisco Bay.

Maserati VOR 70 Yacht at the KKMI boatyard.

“If you have a Maserati and just completed a trip of 13,225 miles, whether by
land or sea, having a good look at the equipment is the prudent thing to do.
Such is the case with the VOR 70 “Maserati” which just set the record from New
York to San Francisco non-stop. The international crew and Team from KKMI’s Pt
Richmond facility are now in the process of decommissioning the yacht where
they will be servicing every major – and many of the minor – components
aboard the vessel”.


Record Sailing Voyage

New Years Eve

Cindy and I were joining friends with their boat ( the Ebenezer III ) at  Pier 39 Marina in San Francisco for New Years Eve. It was a quiet and rather mild sail over on Sereno for a December day in No. Cal.729857_4047820635173_1377846802_o5Richard and Anita brought Dungeness crab and a whole feast while we added slow roasted beef burritos and boiled shrimp with cocktail dip to the party. Richard showed off his skill with the wok cooking delicious crab on the dock as more of their friends from the bay area showed up to celebrate with us. 567305_4049015545045_1862744458_o5


708334_4049717202586_1499951264_oThe party went well into the night as hundred of thousands of people gathered along the waterfront to view the fireworks at midnight.

Many thanks to Richard and Anita for hosting such a great party and giving Cindy and I the opportunity to meet their wonderful friends.565351_4047818715125_1372017734_n5

Moving Day

Instead of shopping on Black Friday we spent the day sailing Sereno to her new home at Marina Bay Yacht Harbor on the San Francisco Bay.  A gorgeous day in the mid 60′s we couldn’t have asked for a better day in late November.  Gary and I are looking forward to exploring new waters in the bay and getting a different perspective of San Francisco from the water instead of its’ busy streets.

Fair winds – Cindy


5 Nights on Oahu

Cindy and I took a few days off last week and flew to Oahu for her birthday. We have been to Kauai and Maui a couple of times but never spent much time on Oahu. With the weather in Northern California starting to turn rainy, colder and not much wind to sail this seemed like a good plan. We would have 5 nights in paradise.

Hawaii is always  a good destination for us we leave about 10am and land just after noon their time so we are just in time for lunch. Not bad anyway it’s paradise! We drove up to North Shore and stayed at Turtle Bay Resort for 3 nights. We had a cottage on the shoreline and could hear the waves hitting the beach all night. A perfect setting. The next morning we got in some hiking and found a World War 2 bunker on the beach. I can’t imagine the chaos that ensued right here in this bunker on December 7, 1942.  Did some beach time and had lunch at the shrimp trucks. A must do here at North Shore. Later we drove into Haleiwa a small surfer town nearby and had dinner at a little place called Breakers owned by a professional surfer. It was great to get out of the resort and eat with the locals. This also gave us a chance to check out Banzai Pipeline. Damn I left my board home! Oh well next time.

Friday morning we drove back to Honolulu via the easterly route and hiked Diamond Head. Just to give our body’s a little punishment. Starting from inside the crater, the hike is a pretty steep vertical ascent but the view from the top is worth all the work. Later that morning we checked into the Royal Hawaiian Resort for some well deserved R&R. The Royal Hawaiian opened in 1927 and is a beautiful oasis on the beach of Waikiki. We would definitely return here it is an iconic Hawaiian hotel. The next morning we toured the Honolulu marina. Had to check out the local sailboats and marina accommodations. You never know we may sail back here one day.                                   Took in a little more beach time that afternoon and was surprised to find a sea turtle swimming next to us. It was just like a travel brochure.

Our last evening we had drinks at “Dukes on the Beach” and then dinner at “Roy’s” two of our favorites. The next morning rise and shine with a delicious breakfast on the beach and then back on the plane heading for California. I know Sereno must have missed us.

No Wind!

While Cindy and I have been waiting for the winds to return to the S.F. bay area our East coast family and friends are getting battered by hurricane Sandy. Wish all of them well and Pray they are safe.


I Want To Ride On The Wind… Forever I Want To Ride Over Land and Sea I Want To Ride on The Wind… Forever … and I Want You Riding With Me…
I Want To Ride On The Wind Over Mountains And Touch The Sky, So Blue Then Raise Oceans, Like Sparkling Fountains And Splash Through Water, Kissing You
I Want To Ride On The Wind… Hold Its Mane Ride The Wind… Wild and Free For The Wind – Will Never Be Tame… So Hold On Tight and Just… Breathe…
… Ride The Wind – Let It Begin – Ride The Wind Ride The Wind – Breathe It In – Ride The Wind Ride The Wind – Blow Again – Ride The Wind Ride The Wind – Raise The Wind – Ride The Wind!
I Want To Ride On The Wind – In The Moonlight I Want To Ride On The Wind – In The Clouds And Wave To The Wings of Eagles in Flight … then Float like Snow – Dancing Down
I Want To Ride On The Wind Forever I Want To Ride and Rush-Up Rainbow-Stairs I Want To Ride On The Wind – Forever For Your Sweet-Breath Beckons Me… Everywhere
… Ride The Wind – Let It Begin – Ride The Wind Ride The Wind – Breathe It In – Ride The Wind Ride The Wind – Blow Again – Ride The Wind Ride The Wind – Raise The Wind – Ride The Wind!

MoonBee Canady

Fleet Week

This past weekend was a busy one for San Francisco. Fleet Week every Columbus Day weekend in San Francisco is a great time to get out and see our Armed Forces and there ships and planes on display. Also in the city the Giants and Oakland A’s were trying to keep there Pennant hopes alive. Unfortunately they both dropped there first 2 games and are facing elimination. The 49ers played a regular season game and the America’s Cup World Series finished with a win for team Oracle USA. What a great weekend to be in the city!            G.