First 30 Days on the Boat

Actually we have been on the boat a little longer than that. I can honestly say it feels like home. The few items we kept from the house help and the layout of the boat and comfy beds make it easy to live aboard. We bought a pasta pot today and along with our pasta machine we brought with us hope to be making fresh pasta on board soon.

Austin surprised us with a visit over 4th of July to see the new home and escape the Arizona heat. We had just put the new name and home port on so we were so excited that he was here for the de-naming and naming ceremony. Champaign was flowing for the Gods and for Gary :)

We took Austin for a sail and it was a great day topped off with fireworks over the San Diego Bay. We have a fishing pier right behind our slip and as we were coming in we hooked a fishing line. Not sure if the guy lost his pole LOL. Gary had to dive the boat to see if we had the line wrapped around the prop. It was not and no sign of the pole.

And Oakley is now on board. The 100+ temps in Tempe are too hot for a Sheltie with a lot of fur so she will be with us until fall. She has adapted very well to boat life, finding the cool spots where the sea breeze comes in through the hatch. We work and she sleeps :). We thought we would have to carry her up and down the stairs but she is flying up and down them herself. Has only crashed once so far. The occasional military jet flying overhead is freaking her out a bit but we are thinking (hoping) she will get used to it.

Our most exciting news (though we are always excited to see Austin and he comes back tomorrow for 5 days!) is we registered for the Baha Ha-Ha. This is a rally of 100+ sailboats and power boats from San Diego to Cabo San Lucus approximately 750 miles. We leave on October 27th and arrive on November 6th. Two other crew members will be on board as there are at least two overnight passages (Gary has done many overnight passages, Cindy 0!). So our to-do list is long and we will be balancing between getting the boat ready and the beach, reading, sight seeing (after all we are new to San Diego) and happy hours. This week we installed a 75 pound Rocna anchor and 225 feet of chain (we do all the work ourselves). We will not drag at anchor!! We got our ships FCC license as well as Gary’s operator license. Next up is probably additional solar panels and new batteries (wind generator at some point). Love the fact that we will be off the grid.

Till next time fair winds
Carpe Diem

Toes in the Sand at Oceanside

We were looking for some serious beach time and somewhere to go for a shakedown cruise of the boat. So our first sail out of San Diego was 30 nm north from Point Loma to Oceanside.

Toes in the sand in Oceanside

Toes in the sand in Oceanside

The trip was around 6 hours from Point Loma motor sailing since the wind was on our nose the entire time. We could have driven there in under an hour but that would be missing the point :) And I got to experience my first encounter with a pod of dolphins. They converge on the boat swimming under and beside it. They like to play with the bow of the boat dodging back and forth. Sorry no pictures. I was too excited watching the show!

The shake down trip went well. About 10 miles out of Oceanside we lost our GPS on the chart plotter. Not cool when you are coming in to a harbor for the first time. Our backup is our IPAD and we were able to get that operational. In the meantime Gary pulled off the electrical panel jiggled some wires and the GPS mysteriously came back up. So hunting down a loose wire is on our to-do-list.

Sereno in Oceanside Harbor

Sereno in Oceanside Harbor

We arrived just in time for happy hour!

We arrived just in time for happy hour!



Our neighbor let me drive  his 35 foot trawler today down our narrow channel.  I'm glad no warships were on the move!

Our neighbor, Jim, let me drive his 35 foot trawler today down our narrow channel. I’m glad no warships were on the move! Interesting fellow. Former Marine who for the last 40 years has worked for Hollywood flying his C123 airplane for movies like Air Force One and Terminal Velocity to name a few. His real business though is doing parachute payload research for NASA and the military.

Fair winds

San Diego Bay

One week ago Gary and our friend Richard sailed Sereno from Oxnard to our temporary home port of San Diego. I had to drive the car and stay the night in a hotel. I’m not usually a lucky person however upon check-in I received an upgrade to a junior suite overlooking the bay. So at 7:00 am the next morning I was able to watch Sereno II sail past the balcony of my hotel. Unfortunately my iPhone camera did not capture a good picture, but here they are arriving at Chula Vista Harbor.
They had an uneventful 26 hour sail. They could have arrived 4 hours earlier but slowed down so they could arrive after day break.

On Father’s Day we had our first sail in the bay. Light winds so we motored the entire time but it is always fun to see familiar land from the water. While San Francisco Bay is more picturesque, San Diego is much warmer. Here is the ‘happy Father’ relaxing while the crew (aka me) is at the helm chauffeuring him around to see the sights :)

We went from cargo ships to Navy ships. Here is the US Navy Ship Bob Hope. Unlike cargo ships that just appear, the Navy announces their departure so you are forewarned.
bob hope

I have not thought of work one single minute. Friends yes, work no. We spend our time doing things around the boat, planning, and playing. Today we polished some of the steel, went to the beach and started planning our 1st trip out which will be to Oceanside, CA. It is about 30 miles up the coast and should take 6 hours or so. Not sure if we will come straight back here or head further north. We don’t have to decide until we get to Oceanside since we will have our home and all our stuff with us!

What do I miss from land? The last week we were in Oxnard our heater blanket because it was foggy and freaking cold. My salad spinner because I hate soggy lettuce. Other than that (plus Austin and Oakley), not a thing. Enjoying the new life style.

Fair winds,

I Put My Big Girl Pants On Today

Both the deck light and streaming light are out and they are half way up our 62 foot mast. When Gary and I travel by car I drive and he navigates. It works for us. So who goes up the mast and who does the hoisting? The obvious is strength on the wench and lighter weight goes up. My only requirement was a backup line and Gary figured that out. Took some figuring out but I got both bulbs out. Once we have the replacements it is back up I go.

Fair winds


Sereno II

As friends and family know there have been a lot of changes for Gary and I in the last few months. After selling Sereno we made the decision to try this lifestyle on a full time basis. We quickly started selling off everything we owned, put the house on the market, sold it in one day and closed in thirty days, I retired a week later and we started on a 31 day adventure to find our boat. Eleven hotels, 1500+ miles and according to Gary’s calculations 67 restaurants, 59 Manhattan cocktails, 287 beers we found our new home a 41 foot Hunter Deck Salon, Sereno II. We are no longer living out of suitcases but we went from a walk-in closet to one that is 3 X 4. Talk about down sizing! We could not have done this without the support of Steve and Bonnie on finding a terrific buyer for our home, my sister Barb who is storing the one box of keepsakes we could not part with, is receiving our mail and paying our ‘land’ bills and our son Austin who is looking forward to coming home wherever home may be.

We are currently in Oxnard, CA and will be moving the boat to San Diego in a few weeks. Much to learn going from a 30 foot boat to one that is 41 feet. I wasn’t sure I was going to start blogging again but Francis Chapman said I had to :). Will try and keep you entertained, Francis.

Fair winds


Sausalito Weekend

photo (2)mhydockCindy and I were to be guests at Schoonmaker Point Marina in beautiful Sausalito for the weekend so we left early Friday afternoon.  Schoonmaker is a great little Marina and even has a nice sandy beach. If you are so inclined to swim in the bone chilling San Francisco waters. Not Me!  The tide was against us but we still managed to make 3.5 knots through the Racoon Straight which lies between Angel Island and Tiburon. We arrived about 3pm and decided to put on our walking shoes and see the sights since it was a great sunny day about 70 (2)xcn

Happy hour was slipping away so time to get back to Sereno, change and start our evening. Drinks at Scoma’s, Oysters at Salito’s then just enough time to head over to Poggio Trattoria’s for a fantastic Italian dinner.

Morning came too fast but we gathered ourselves together and walked over to ‘Fred’s Place’ for coffee and egg breakfast. This gave the sun time to burn off the fog so we could get Sereno headed home that afternoon.cin123iugyg sausfunk


Maserati Yacht

Proud to have the fastest Yacht in the World just around the corner from us here in San Francisco Bay.

Maserati VOR 70 Yacht at the KKMI boatyard.

“If you have a Maserati and just completed a trip of 13,225 miles, whether by
land or sea, having a good look at the equipment is the prudent thing to do.
Such is the case with the VOR 70 “Maserati” which just set the record from New
York to San Francisco non-stop. The international crew and Team from KKMI’s Pt
Richmond facility are now in the process of decommissioning the yacht where
they will be servicing every major – and many of the minor – components
aboard the vessel”.


Record Sailing Voyage

New Years Eve

Cindy and I were joining friends with their boat ( the Ebenezer III ) at  Pier 39 Marina in San Francisco for New Years Eve. It was a quiet and rather mild sail over on Sereno for a December day in No. Cal.729857_4047820635173_1377846802_o5Richard and Anita brought Dungeness crab and a whole feast while we added slow roasted beef burritos and boiled shrimp with cocktail dip to the party. Richard showed off his skill with the wok cooking delicious crab on the dock as more of their friends from the bay area showed up to celebrate with us. 567305_4049015545045_1862744458_o5


708334_4049717202586_1499951264_oThe party went well into the night as hundred of thousands of people gathered along the waterfront to view the fireworks at midnight.

Many thanks to Richard and Anita for hosting such a great party and giving Cindy and I the opportunity to meet their wonderful friends.565351_4047818715125_1372017734_n5